Saturday, 10 April 2010

The church is discriminating against me!

Ok well, under new discrimination laws the church now can not choose preachers etc by sexual preference. So gay preachers may become a thing of the future. I think my opinions on this should be fairly easy to figure out so don't really want to dwell on the subject (if not then I think the church should not be allowed to discriminate). But it raises two points in my mind.

Firstly, why the constant focus on Christianity?. Sikhism, Islam, Judaism.. etc etc all are generally of the opinion that homosexuality is wrong, so where is the moral outcry from them? Or is this just another case of what applies to the majority does not apply to the minority? Are we once again so against possibly infringing on a minorities beliefs that laws and ethics get swept under the carpet when it applies to them.

The second thing I want to bring up and more the point of the post is this. If Christians are no longer allowed to descriminate based on biblical text (Lev.18,22 You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination etc etc) or there core beliefs. Then surely they are discriminating against me by saying I wont go to heaven because I don't believe. This is another belief based on there 'word of god' bible, and if one is discrimination then surely the other is. But I'm not a minority group and by that standard, my rights will never be fought for.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Catholics, Kissing and Calls to calm.

Hmm, if I keep using alliteration in the titles of these, I'm gonna run out of news.

So what do we have today. Well a few things have caught my eye.

Firstly, Dr Rowan Williams (archbishop of Canterbury) has been forced to apologise after stating the catholic church has lost all credibility over the latest scandals. Well first off, lets be fair this is not news the only thing difference now, when compared to a year ago say, is that they are admitting it. But this is a church who's direct connection to god, has declared that condoms are causing aids in Africa, is blatantly homophobic and is about as in touch with the real world as the halleys comet. In 1983 Monty Python released the Meaning of life, containing a song called "every sperm is sacred" a blatant mockery of the Catholics beliefs on contraception. Personally I think the only thing the good Dr should be apologising for is telling us something that most people realised a long time ago.

Two Britons convicted of kissing in public in Dubai, breaking there somewhat zealous decency laws have failed to appeal against there one month sentence. Now don't get me wrong, I think the law is outdated and ludicrous, but when in Rome, do as the Romans do. This is another case of people going abroad and thinking themselves more civilised than the culture they are visiting. I don't give a damn how backwards you think the place is, if the law is there you follow it, and if you get caught breaking it then you take the punishment. Oh but I'm from Britain and when they see our enlightened ways they will bow to us, no no your a idiot, now buck up and take the punishment for your crime.

So a white supremacist has been beaten to death, boo hoo, the world just got that little bit better. I don't mean to trivialise these things, and I'm sure its very sad for his family, but the guy was a bastard. Terre'blanche was responsable for acts of violance and terror across south africa, he had only just himself come out of prison for beating a black man. So today the world has one less asshole. Lets just hope this is not seen as a trigger for any more violence

On a slightly related note, the BNP have sacked their publicity chief, on the ground that he was trying to kill Nick Griffin. Damit could have been 2 for 2 on the dead racists stakes today...

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Simplicity and Slaughter.

I'm noticing a growing trend in the media to over simplify headlines when it comes to anything even remotely controversial or topical. The idea seems to be to sterilise any frame of doubt or questioning from your mind. One of the best examples of this was used during the recent troubles in the catholic church, the headline declaring "Pope declares paedophilia a sin" was used on the front cover of a popular newspaper. While its nice to see the pope going hard line on what is a controversial and touchy subject, you cant help but think, well no shit sherlock. So is this a growing trend, is it now a necessity in this overtly pc world to make sure that you declare your alligiances with such a level of clarity. Will we soon be seeing headlined reduced to simple nouns, "earthquakes: bad" "food: good". So that the casual readers doubts can be subdued without having to read those pesky little words, and can turn to the tits, knowing they haven't accidental brought that pro earthquakes paper.

Also from the papers this morning. A headteacher, deciding to teach the school kids more about where there food comes from. Decided to have them rear a sheep to eat. The school was asked whether they wanted to keep the sheep or send it to become lamb burgers... the school voted with there stomachs. Problem solved the kids learn about food, everyone is happy, yeah right. The objections to this come in two forms, which basically boil down too, kids should not see things fluffy before they eat them, and fluffy things should not be eaten. The later of the two objections is probably easiest to dismiss, GO AWAY, there that's that problem solved. The first objection though requires a bit more thought. Is it OK to eat something you have an emotional bond with, or are we going to traumatise our kids for life!?! Well no blatantly we are not. These kids aren't even inner city kids they live in rural farming land, half the animals they see on a daily basis will end up as a burger. I'm beginning to sound very Clarkson here, but on this point I have to agree with him. If you are going to let your kids eat meat, then they have the right to know it does not grow on fucking tree's. Its interesting to see that most of the objections came from people who had no obvious connection to the school, and that most of the parents of the kids involved were behind the schools choice. Well anyway long story short, the headteacher was suspended, and then reinstated after overwhelming support from her local community. So maybe the world has got some sense after all.

Friday, 2 April 2010

IGN Video: Halo Movie Series - Debut Trailer

IGN Video: Halo Movie Series - Debut Trailer

Ok ok I'm a geek

Robin Hood Tax

So just want to start by raising awareness of the robin hood tax. This is a tiny transaction of 0.05p not on us, but on every transaction the bank (wankers) make. Will cost them almost nothing and we can finally go some way to reclaiming the millions we pumped into there system (read: pockets) to help them (wankers) out during the recession. The money raised, will result in billions being pumped into the nhs, schools and poverty in Britain.

Seems like a hell of a good idea, right? and as you may have already figured out their is opposition, from the fat cats up on high, and it truly makes you wonder what is the mentality of these people. Now I understand that if you worked hard to get rich, you may be a little eager to keep hold of all the money you earned. But lets be fare these banks did not work hard, they invented a system that used imaginary money to create more imaginary money. They basically created a fantasy world in which they operated, and when this system eventually fell down around their ears they came running back to us, the tax payer for bail outs. The money the banks now rely on to pay their bonuses and for their luxury life styles has not been earned, it has been taken, and its about time they payed it back.

So, those of you who can, vote like hell for the robin hood tax. Its time to show these bankers that money does not define democracy.

Robin Hood Tax Advert

And so it begins....

Could be any ones guess whether I keep this up or not, but we shall see.....